The complete contracting solution

Commodity supply chains have grown and evolved over many generations, resulting in a multitude of contract and execution types that are commonly used when transacting. To enable companies along the supply chain to participate seamlessly, commodity management solutions need to be able to handle transactions that start on-farm and continue throughout the domestic and international supply chains.
AgriDigital customers can now contract all major price basis types at all major locations. This new feature, along with the launch of Buyer to Buyer contracting, makes AgriDigital the complete contracting solution.

The complete price basis types
The table below illustrates the range of contract price basis types, and their respective location and counterparty types, now available to contract with using AgriDigital.


AgriDigital’s price basis, locations and counterparty typesDetailed information on each Price Basis type is available via the Knowledge Base.

A world of new locations
When it comes to location management, accurate and up-to-date data is critical. AgriDigital’s location upgrade does the heavy lifting for customers by maintaining a comprehensive data set of the domestic sites, ports, port zones, market zones and international ports. This list is now available for all AgriDigital customers to use, and includes:

  • Over 700 Australian delivered site locations owned by 50 site operators
  • 42 Australian market zones
  • 18 Australian ports/port zones, and
  • close to 900 international ports across 130 countries

In addition to these managed locations, AgriDigital allows users to select existing or create new Ex-Farm and Delivered Buyer locations from within the new contract form.


What’s next on AgriDigital’s feature roadmap?
We are currently working on some exciting new features, including:

  • Buyer Orders
  • Buyer Inventory
  • Buyer Deliveries


AgriDigital is commodity management platform for Grain Growers, Buyers and Site Operators. AgriDigital allows these users to manage their Grain Contracts, Deliveries, Prices, Warehouse Transfers, Invoices and Payments all in one place, instantly.
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