The (a)typical day in the life of an AgriDigital intern


The first crop of AgriDigital interns…

Five weeks into our time as AgriDigital interns, and our experiences are already yielding results! Reflecting on our roles across Development and Business operations, a few things are clear: the business is growing fast, AgriDigital’s offerings continue to develop, and no day is the same.

Each intern focuses works across different parts of the business, meaning that our days inevitably tend towards a focus on our particular domains. But, as is common in early stage startups, roles can blur — it’s all about filling the gaps. In that spirit, we have described how a day might play out, drawing from each of our experiences thus far. Even though a single intern is unlikely to participate in all the tasks described, it is likely that they will be collaborating across many of them at some point.

8:00am Arrive: Our workplace focuses on outcomes. The people who drive these outcomes have responsibilities and commitments outside of the office and so some of us arrive early and some of us arrive later. This flexibility makes us more productive and accountable for the work we deliver. Instead of a mandate on arrival and finish times, we focus on open and real-time communication channels to minimise the impact of someone not actually being physically present in the office.

9:30am Daily Stand Up 1: Here, we take part in the first Stand Up of the day. Anyone is free to participate, particularly if you are working with the developers on a new product feature.

9:40am Product Development: Some of us are deep in the details of database, table and code, whilst others are research product specifications for the latest feature release.

11:00am Sales: Now it’s time to analyse our sales pipeline and identify potential sales leads for the upcoming email campaign. We will be sending emails prior to an industry conference in two weeks.

12:30pm Lunch: It’s up to you when and where you eat. Our team lunches have included Thai, burgers, and Mexican.

1:00pm Blockchain Development: Some of us write the code, and some of us are working on customer education around how AgriDigital is using this technology in agriculture.

2:30pm Daily Stand Up 2: Now it’s time to take part in the second daily Stand Up of the day.

3:00pm Team Meetings: Meet with some of the developers to work through the latest feature release.

5:30pm Leave or Stay: Do what you need to do, but generally everyone is finished up by 6pm.

Early Days. Rapid Development

Our internship is not over yet but we are already reaping some benefits from our time here:

Harry (Business intern): “I must begin by saying that my first few weeks with AgriDigital have been immensely rewarding. With my only experience in the field of agriculture being either closely examining the complexities of soil or chasing cows around a field just west of the middle of nowhere, the prospect of donning office attire and joining the team for the daily grind seemed daunting, scary and utterly foreign to me. Boy was I mistaken, I joined a dynamic team, each person having a million and one things to do, yet always seeming to have time to answer my relentless, (generally MS Excel related!) questions. I have thoroughly enjoyed being involved in the ‘outward’ facing aspect of the business and love how each day presents me with something different to ruminate on.”

Harrison (Blockchain intern): “I’ve been working on AgriDigital’s blockchain pilot for the past few weeks. Blockchain is a fairly new area of technology and I’m very impressed by how swiftly AgriDigital is moving to capitalize on it. Working with all the different technologies that go into getting a blockchain system working is a tough but rewarding experience. It’s amazing seeing the pilot go from the conceptual stage to being deployed in a real-world scenario in just under six weeks.”

Arjun (DevOps intern): “I am getting hands-on experience in learning new technologies and their integrations, which is lovely. It wouldn’t be possible to learn without such great team support. AgriDigital is a platform upon which I will be able to learn a great deal from. Analytics is of particular interest to me and I am exicted about the opportunity to observe how analytics can be applied to a business.”

Leith (Software Development intern): “Working at AgriDigital has been a welcome and challenging contrast to my computer science degree. From a technology stand point, understanding the complexity inherent in a highly architectural cloud platform was an unfamiliar challenge. The difference would be analogous to the idea that knowing how to design the engine of a car does not prepare you for the act of driving it. Thankfully I have been surrounded by an experienced and helpful team.”

Nathan (Business intern): “I’ve worked across product, operations and customer support over the last five weeks and have enjoyed stretching across each function and the different technologies/approaches associated with each. Having some experience in traditional Financial organisations, which are usually slow to enact change, I have really benefitted from AgriDigtal’s imperative to learn fast and the supportive team I work with.”

Key Takeaway

We are helping to deliver a technology enabled solution to improve the agricultural supply chain and yet none of us is an expert across tech, agriculture, supply-chain or AgriDigital itself. Therefore, it is unlikely that one will ever complete a task without learning something new, which will then serve to accelerate something they work on in the future.

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