Reimagining B2B contracting

This week AgriDigital launched a re-imagined Buyer to Buyer contracting process.
Using existing processes in the market, buyer to buyer contracting often means duplicated data entry, multiple versions of contracts and wasted time reconciling these inconsistencies.

AgriDigital’s latest release provides all participants with a single view of their contracts. In other words, a single source of truth. This re-imagined process will slash the time buyers spend on contract administration, allowing them to focus on the things they do best…buying and selling commodities.

How it works
AgriDigital’s Buyer to Buyer contracting is integrated into the same workflow as the existing Grower to Buyer contracts process. That’s right, one seamless process for creating contracts with all counterparty types!

a) Create a new contract
Click ‘create new contract’ and select a ‘buyer’ price basis option for the contract. Once you’ve selected a buyer price basis, AgriDigital’s smart forms will take care of the rest, dynamically updating to capture the appropriate Buyer to Buyer contract fields.



For more information on creating a new contract visit the Knowledge Base.

b) Selecting a buyer counterparty
Select the counterparty with whom you are contracting from at list of over 500 companies. These companies are drawn from across Australia and over 20 export destinations around the world. If the company you are looking to contract with isn’t available, our support team will assist you.


Once the company is entered, you can then select one of your existing contacts at that company, or quickly create a new contact.

c) Automatic notification
That’s right, automatic! You no longer need to go through the process of generating a PDF, saving it to the desktop, creating a new email, finding the correct email address, attaching the file and sending it.
Instead, AgriDigital automatically emails the assigned contact a link to view the contract via AgriDigital. If that contact has not accessed AgriDigital previously, the email will set them up on the platform by simply prompting them to set a password prior to accessing the contract. There is no painful account registration process required.
If the contract is updated, the counterparty contact will automatically be notified of the update and be able to instantly view the updated contract on AgriDigital.

All your contracts in one place
AgriDigital’s community approach to contract management means that only one party to the contract needs to enter the contract information. Once created, the contract will automatically appear for all counterparties to view and review on the AgriDigital platform. This approach provides users with a common view of the contract, reducing time spent on admin and eliminating manual reconciliation of errors in the contract.

Increasing contract security
AgriDigital takes security extremely seriously. We have implemented a new restricted user type to cater for the creation and assignment of new contacts to existing company accounts. This means an unverified contact will only be able to view contracts they have been directly assigned to; they will not be able to view, create or edit any aspect of the company’s account. Once the contact is verified by the company’s account administrator or the AgriDigital support team, they will then (and only then!) be granted full access to the company’s account.

What’s next on AgriDigital’s feature roadmap?
We are currently working on some exciting new features, including:

  • Buyer Orders
  • Buyer Inventory
  • Buyer Deliveries


AgriDigital is commodity management platform for Grain Growers, Buyers and Site Operators. AgriDigital allows these users to manage their Grain Contracts, Deliveries, Prices, Warehouse Transfers, Invoices and Payments all in one place, instantly.
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