Orders - expanding our logistics features

AgriDigital has kicked off 2018 with a significant release, expanding our logistics Orders feature. This is an exciting feature that enables our users to make more informed business decisions and improve efficiencies in their day to day operations.

Orders 101 — The network effect
The Orders feature directs the movement of commodities between an origin and destination location. AgriDigital users can achieve this by linking pairs of contracts or inventory or a combination of the two, forming a logistics directive to move physical grain.
Designed to connect all participants in a logistics operation from the order creator, the location and destination owner, to the freight provider, Orders will streamline the communication process across the network, dramatically reducing the time spent back and forth and manually coordinating logistics.

Orders contain important business data including:

  • Commodity and grade information
  • Start and end dates
  • Quantity and tolerance
  • Origin and destination location information
  • Freight provider and associated information
The Orders feature encompasses all supply chain scenarios providing users with improved visibility and records of all their logistics transactions.



Order Types
Contract to Contract
Here, the origin is a purchase contract and the destination is a sale contract. Example: An Ex-Farm purchase contract that is being freighted directly into a Delivered Buyer location against a sale contract.

Contract to Inventory
This is where the origin is a purchase contract and destination is inventory. Example: An ex-farm purchase contract that is being freighted directly into a BHC site where it will be delivered straight to inventory.

Inventory to Contract
This is where the origin is existing inventory and destination is sale contract. Example: Allocating inventory from a storage (BHC) site for an out-turn onto a FOT sale contract as the destination.

Inventory to Inventory
This is where the origin is existing inventory that is available at a storage site, moved to another inventory position at a different site. A site to site movement.

Bin to Bin
This is a storage order type that facilitates the movement of grain between an origin bin and destination bin, tracking movements of commodities internally. Example: Moving grain between two silos on your site or between silos at different sites you own.

Supplier Reference to Contract NEW!
This allows buyers to instigate their ‘buyers call’ rights from the purchase contract and request delivery to their sites. This enables better site capacity and delivery management.

Inventory to Supplier Reference: NEW!
Here, site operators have the ability to offer out-turn request orders to buyers who own inventory at their sites but do not subscribe to AgriDigital.

Orders & AgriDigital Customers
AgriDigital’s Orders has grown drastically over the last six months to become a sophisticated platform feature, and our customers are enjoying utilising it to its full potential. Here’s an insight…


Statistics taken from the AgriDigital platform February 2018If you want to find out more about how Orders and AgriDigital, please contact us at hello@agridigital.io