How grain management software can drive farm profitability

The three key profit drivers for farmers are grain yield, price and their costs of production.  Farmers need to ensure they are planting an optimal mix of crops at the right time, grown with carefully managed resources and precise input usage.  One of the most effective ways to do this is to base forecasts and future cropping plans on the analysis of previous harvests.      

While there are a growing number of technologies available for farmers to manage their farm operations and to optimize yields, Waypath is a grain management software focussed on helping farmers manage their grain once it is harvested, in storage and eventually contracted, sold and paid for. At harvest Waypath operates like a ‘digital pocketbook’, capturing all the grain harvest, delivery, sales and payment data that was once stored in notebooks, farm spreadsheets and on scraps of paper.  For example, when trucks enter the weighbridge, with a load of grain, Waypath captures a digital record of the load weight and quality data and stores this information safely and securely in the cloud.  Waypath then syncs this data immediately across your team (permissioned users only), so everyone who needs to know in the business has access to, and is working with the most up to date data.  


In a world without Waypath, farmers must collect this data by hand, a time consuming process prone to error, inaccuracies, time gaps, missing and replicated data.  Seasoned farmers and their teams know there’s typically a fair amount of ‘guesstimation’ involved, not to mention the risk of working with out of date or incomplete information when working with pen and paper.  

By using grain tracking software like Waypath to access accurate grain harvest or farm data, farmers can get to work analysing their crop performance, even breaking it down to specific paddocks or fields. Reports on everything from yield analytics and field and farm profitability can be derived, as well as reconciling the year’s forecast with the actual harvest performance.  

With these reports in hand, farmers can determine their costs of production and begin to forecast for next year and beyond; making planting decisions, reviewing resource and input costs and building out budgets to ensure maximum profitability.  

Seasonal review, analysis and forward planning are crucial tasks for farmers to work through to ensure the long term profitability and scalability of their operations. Farmers work hard to execute precision crop planting and to optimize the production phase of their growing cycle.  Harvest and post harvest activities and records need the same level of precision and focus on data accuracy to ensure farmers truly make the most of every grain grown.  

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