Grain Deliveries released

This week AgriDigital has released another significant feature - Grain Deliveries for Site Operators and Growers.

This feature allows Site Operators to:

  • Create delivered site warehouse deliveries
  • View delivery information in real-time
  • Automatically invite Growers to view their deliveries in real time

This feature allows Growers to:

  • View delivery details in real time on mobile or desktop
  • Automatically receive notification of deliveries

Creating Deliveries



Site Operators are now able to create Warehouse Deliveries with growers. Once a Delivery is created, the Grower is automatically alerted via email/SMS that a new Delivery has been created. Growers can then access the Delivery Details via their AgriDigital account.

The New Delivery Process is split into 5 simple sections:

  1. Delivery Details



Capture all the standard commodity, season and variety data (used for EPR collections), as well as the specific sites you receive grain into.

2. Suppliers



Capture all the required information about the supplier (Grower) performing the Delivery, including: trading name, NGR number, reference, and paddock.



AgriDigital integrates directly with the National Grower Register (NGR) meaning all your growers details are ready to go with no setup required.
When creating a new delivery, simply search by trading name or NGR to select the relevant grower. AgriDigital also integrates with NGR Card readers/swipers to auto-populate the grower instantly.

3. Truck Details



AgriDigital has pre-loaded all truck types and configurations for easy search selection. These configurations are used to automatically calculate if a truck is overweight and alerts both the Site Operator and Driver of overweight loads.

4. Weights


AgriDigital allows for the capture of multiple trailer’s Gross and Tare weights, and automatically calculates the Net. Weights can either be entered manually or via AgriDigital’s weighbridge integration. The weighbridge integration seamlessly reads weight directly from the weighbridge and populates them in the browser via a Chrome extension.

5. Commodity Details


AgriDigital allows users to input the required quality parameters based on the selected commodity. These quality inputs are then used to first select a grade, and then allocate the load to your pre-saved Bin Segregations and Unloading Points.

And as simple as that, you’ve just created a delivery in AgriDigital!

Viewing your Deliveries

Once a Delivery has been created, it is available and viewable by both the Site Operator and Grower.

This feature also includes:

  • Automatic email/SMS alerts for growers to access the Delivery details
  • Printable layout

And if that’s not enough…this feature release also includes:

  • Chrome Extension for weighbridge integration
  • Updates to the email templates to include Buyer/Site Operators logo
  • Updates to the Contract Carry Fee to allow negative numbers
  • Updates to the Contract & delivery details to now print on A4 & A5 pages
  • A few other minor enhancements and bug fixes

What’s currently being developed?
Very shortly, AgriDigital Cash Pricing and Warehouse Transfers will be available, along with a raft of other features. Stay tuned!

AgriDigital is Commodity Management software for grain Growers, Buyers and Site Operators. AgriDigital allows these users to manage their Grain Contracts, Deliveries, Warehouse Transfers, Invoices and Payments all in one place, instantly.
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