Contract deliveries

AgriDigital now allows growers to allocate deliveries directly to existing contracts at the weighbridge.



This exciting new addition makes it even easier for growers to deliver to a site, as no manual transfers are required.

How it Works
In order to create a delivery, the grower and buyer must first enter into a contract using the AgriDigital system. All AgriDigital contracts specify the location, grade and season of the grain being delivered.

Once the contract is entered, the site operator is able to create a delivery. To do this, first select delivery type ‘contract’, then enter the grower’s trading name, location, grade and season of the delivery.

The site operator is then able to select from a list of contract numbers that match the delivery’s parameters.

AgriDigital automatically checks the contracts, to ensure the delivery period is currently open and the delivery net quantity will not exceed the quantity specified in the contract.

Reducing Errors
Currently, when growers allocate a delivery to a contract at the weighbridge, the contract number is manually entered by the site operator. The problem with this system, is the site operator has no way of seeing any of the contracts entered into with that grower. This lack of visibility inevitably results in errors.

By using AgriDigital platform, growers and site operators have a single platform for managing all contracts and deliveries. By providing added visibility and checking delivery parameters against the contract prior to the allocation being made,

AgriDigital’s processes reduce the chances for error and misallocation of deliveries.

What’s Next on AgriDigital’s Feature Roadmap?
We are currently working on some exciting new features, including:

  • Contract Price Basis including ex-farm, delivered buyer, FIS, FOT, NTP port, track, DCT, CIF, FOB, and CFR
  • Buyer to Buyer contracts
  • Sale contracts
  • Orders

AgriDigital is Commodity Management software for Grain Growers, Buyers and Site Operators. AgriDigital allows these users to manage their Grain Contracts, Deliveries, Prices, Warehouse Transfers, Invoices and Payments all in one place, instantly.
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