Consignments: the next frontier in international agri-supply chains

One of the most consistent challenges facing many of our agri-trader customers is the creation, management, and distribution of export and import documents. Managing these documents is a necessary process, yet one that can be incredibly time consuming and plagued with inefficiencies.

Here at AgriDigital, we’ve taken this challenge on, determined to make supply chain management simple, easy, and secure for all participants. With this, we’re incredibly excited to launch the beta version of our latest feature, Consignments. Designed to manage the agri-commodity export and import process from end to end, AgriDigital Consignments covers all international contracting, document creation and distribution, container and logistics management, inventory tracking, asset delivery, plus invoicing and payments.


Consignments Process

What does Consignments mean for you?

1. Putting Manual Processing in the Past

“Our goal for the Consignments feature is to simplify export and import through process automation. Tasks such as entering container details into up to 10 different documents and replicating shipping information across multiple files can now be completed in the click of a button, with results available in real time,” said Tristan Shannon, Head of Product at AgriDigital.

“The beta version of Consignments can reduce our customer’s manual data entry processing by up to 80% but we’re not stopping there. Our vision is to continually improve on this figure, so that our customers spend the absolute minimum on manual data entry and process management, giving them more time to focus on what they do best.”

2. Your Data, Your Way

At AgriDigital, we understand supply chains are complex networks and that no two agri-commodity businesses are the same. As a result, Consignments has been developed to provide our customers with maximum flexibility and the ability to customise documentation — from data fields, input forms, the type of data collected, and document layout.

As an integral feature of the AgriDigital platform, customers using Consignments have access to a single source of truth for information. All relevant data from contracts, orders, deliveries, and connections flow seamlessly onto Consignment documents, saving countless hours of administrative burden and paperwork.

3. Communicate and Collaborate with Counterparties

Communication across networks can be one of the most challenging aspects of supply chain management, particularly when it comes to exporting and importing. Supply chain counterparties are often located across various time zones, all using different systems, which leads to a lack of data transparency and visibility. This can result in a significant delay in transaction time and logistical movements through the chain.

Users of AgriDigital Consignments experience streamlined communications, with all connected counterparties able to login to AgriDigital and access information that is specific to their business operations. Data is processed in real time and is available to counterparties when it suits them, no matter where in the world they are located. Customisable email notifications also means they’ll never miss an update. By eliminating the ongoing back and forth involved with communicating with counterparties, productivity and efficiency are improved, leaving more time to spend on the important tasks.

For more details on Consignments, the types of documents supported, and how it can work for your business, check out the AgriDigital Knowledge Base.

For a demo of the AgriDigital platform and the new Consignments feature, contact our team.

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