AgriDigital successfully launched by Full Profile




AgriDigital is a Commodity Management software system for grain Growers, Buyers, and Site Operators. AgriDigital allows these users to manage their Grain Contracts, Deliveries, Warehouse Transfers, Invoices and Payments all in one place, instantly.

AgriDigital went live this week as the product was delivered to Fletcher International Exports in Dubbo, NSW. Fletcher’s will be using AgriDigital to manage their contracts, deliveries, and invoices with growers this harvest.

The first release of the AgriDigital system allows users to create and view grain contracts and contract details. AgriDigital enables Buyers like Fletchers to notify their growers when contracts have been created, and allow them to seamlessly manage all contracts digitally, in one place.

The next feature release for AgriDigital will include Deliveries.

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About Full Profile:

Full Profile develops solutions to real world problems in the agriculture sector that bring transparency, efficiency, and trust to farmers and the post-farmgate ecosystem. Under their AgriDigital brand, Full Profile develops commodity management and settlement software solutions using agri-blockchains and smart contracts. Full Profile is also exploring opportunities such as novel grower financing, simple on-farm contract management, and solutions for the livestock, wool, rice, cotton and horticultural industries.AgriDigital successfully launched by Full Profile