AgriDigital & Trader PhD launch distribution partnership

AgriDigital and Trader PhD launched a U.S. distribution partnership synching AgriDigital's harvest and inventory management platform Waypath with Trader PhD's Ag marketing services.

Trader PhD's grain advisory service gives farmers actionable advice to market and sell their grain. Waypath, AgriDigital's harvest and inventory management platform for farmers incorporates all aspects of grain supply chain management including contracts, deliveries, storage, payments and invoices in one simple to use app. Waypath gives farmers the flexibility to access and manage their data no matter where they are out in the field or in the office. Together, Trader PhD and AgriDigital allow farmers to confidently market and sell their grain with ease — letting farmers focus on farming.

Waypath was designed and built for farmers to digitize their farming and optimize their inventory. Waypath directly connects their farms and grain into the supply chain. Trader PhD is a natural partner as their grain marketing services give farmers actionable advice on how to competitively market their grain" says AgriDigital CEO, Emma Weston. 

Chad Toyne, CEO and Founder of Trader PhD shared: “The American farmer is always looking to improve their operation. Waypath solves a critical missing piece of the puzzle with a simple solution.” 

“As farmers ourselves, we understand the unique challenges farmers face, from complex supply chains, to unpredictable climate, pricing volatility and the impact on profitability - the last 14 months navigating the Covid pandemic has highlighted the volatility in supply chains and impact on agriculture and farmers" says Weston."With Waypath we help farmers simplify their operations to become more efficient and more profitable. Partnering with Trader PhD is the next step in that journey supporting farmer profitability."

With Waypath farmers can manage and value their grain inventory in real time, optimize stored grain through segregations, easily report on quality averages, and manage multiple ownership and even store grain on behalf of other farmers.

“Since launching our mobile app last year, we have found that farmers are eager to simplify the way they track news and information,”says Delaney Howell, Chief Marketing Officer for Trader PhD.

“This partnership builds on our 2020 release of Waypath extending our reach and accelerating the pace at which we help farmers become more competitive in managing their inventory." Weston sees the growing opportunity for Waypath"Our farmer customers in the U.S. and globally tell us that Waypath delivers value on day one, we're looking forward to putting this tool to even greater work for farmers through our partnership with Trader PhD."

AgriDigital is fast becoming one of the leading technology providers to the grains industry connecting inventory data and finance. With a customer network of over 8,000 grain farmers, elevators, traders and processors, AgriDigital digitizes harvest, sales, trading, storage, logistics and payment.