5 Ways Waypath Provides Clarity To On Farm Decision Making

Farming is hard. We are constantly dealing with price uncertainty, production uncertainty, market uncertainty and geopolitical uncertainty. The variables outside of our control can plague farm business decision making. 

Farmers are also ambitious. They are caretakers of the soil, feed and clothe our population, and are a vital part of our history and our future. Farmers are pioneering, progressive and aspiring - striving to grow, improve and do better. 

Waypath is an AgriDigital platform built by farmers for farmers. It is built with the knowledge that farmers need greater visibility and supply chain control on farm and beyond the farm gate. 

Waypath digitizes your farm records and provides insights that help you get more for your grain.  You need reliable data to achieve your farm goals and that is why we built Waypath. 

Waypath does this by: 

1. Tracking your truck loads in real time 

Never lose a load again and have peace of mind you’re getting paid for every load exactly when you should be. Easily track your grain from paddock to payment with visibility across farms. 

2. Managing and optimizing your storage 

View all your inventory in one place whether stored on or off farm. Increase the value of the investment you have made in on farm storage with Waypath’s ticketing system - you can track multiple ownership meaning you can even store grain on behalf of others.  

3. Allowing you to see what you have left to sell & the quantity remaining to deliver 

Your single source of truth for all your grain. Manage all your deliveries and contracts across multiple buyers on the go and make marketing decisions with confidence. 

4. Giving your team the visibility they need 

Connecting the paddock with the office, weighbridge and accounts, your team has the visibility they need to take initiative and make informed decisions. Set team member permissions and stay connected in real time. 

5. Working on and offline quickly and securely

Waypath works wherever you are even if you don’t have an internet connection. Data can be stored and retrieved securely.  You can confidently replace paper and pen, docket books, spreadsheets with one easy to use app that works from your mobile device or computer. 

Get started with Waypath for free today and see for yourself the visibility and clarity that Waypath provides your business.